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Feature Article

With its life sciences sector, Taiwan well placed to repeat IT industry success, says MIT Prof. Stern

(The Epoch Foundation)

18 September, 2012
With its information technology (IT) industry, Taiwan is a prime example of how innovative capacity can be harnessed, developed and turned directly into global competitiveness and prosperity for its citizens, says Dr. Scott Stern, professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management. And the knowledge and experience gained in the process suggests the island is well placed for similar success in other high tech sectors such as the life sciences, says Stern.

Feature Article

Forum discusses Taiwan's role as springboard to China and other Asia-Pacific biomedical markets

(BiotechEast staff)

1 July, 2011
Held a day before the annual Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) convention, concluding this week in Washington DC, a forum took place June 26 in Rockville, Maryland, examining Taiwan's strengths in biosciences and its unique position as a stepping stone into China and emerging Asia-Pacific markets for US and European firms.

Feature Article

Taiwan medical tourism - A pipe dream unless marketing improves

(Op/Ed - BiotechEast staff)

26 June, 2008

"Taiwan cares your health" -- The slogan on the website of the official medical tourism promotion organization at pretty much sums up exactly what's wrong with Taiwan's plan to promote itself as an international medical tourism destination.

[UPDATE: Did we make a difference? We'd like to think so! As of November 2008 the slogan now reads "Taiwan cares for your health". Not quite yet marketing brilliance but at least it's no longer Chinglish!]

Feature Article

Taiwan shrinks HIV infections with strategies of harm reduction

(By Chris Sung)

10 April, 2007

(BiotechEast reporter Chris Sung recently sat down with Dr. Hou Sheng-mou, Minister of Health, to discuss the Taiwan government's recently enacted 'Harm Reduction' program aimed at intravenous drug users. This program appears to have significantly reduced the number of reported HIV/AIDS cases in Taiwan, a number which had been rising dramatically in recent years. The resulting article is based on these discussions and appeared in the April 5, 2007 edition of Nature Magazine in its 'Spotlight on Taiwan' special feature.)

Feature Article

Hepatitis in China: Liver let die?

(Datamonitor insight into the Chinese Hepatitis B & C market)

19 December, 2006
With one third of CHB patients and one quarter of CHC patients globally, hepatitis is a major health problem in China, and the market has received considerable attention from Western pharmaceutical companies aiming to capitalize on the country's recent economic boom. Many Western pharmaceuticals have Chinese approval, but they have a high price and there is some contention over their effectiveness, therefore Chinese patients should consider these drugs a long-term investment and balance the trade-off between cost, efficacy and long-term liver complications.

Feature Article

Taiwan's pharmaceutical manufacturing industry - is the future rocky or rosy?

By David Silver

14 March, 2006

So what's the outlook for Taiwan's pharmaceutical sector?

It's a question we get asked all the time. When faced with the facts, the outlook may seem bleak; no big name research-based drug or drug maker has emerged to date, Taiwan's small market of only 23 million people, generic drug manufacturers too many and too small compared to their counterparts in India and China, and a national health insurance system which while doing immense good for improving the health of the general population, has budget provisions which discourage the use—and therefore the development—of newer, more costly drugs.

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