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Company spotlight

Highly anticipated new drugs wait in the wings from Microbio

Microbio Co., Ltd.

(By David Silver)

25 April, 2009
Changing the lives of diabetic patients, forever. A company in Taiwan is developing a product that might just do that, with its WH-1 new drug candidate for diabetic patients who suffer from painful, difficult-to-heal ulcers.

Company spotlight

SHL Group recognized as one of Taiwan's best

Scandinavian Health Ltd. (SHL)

6 May, 2008
The SHL Group was named one of Taiwan's outstanding foreign companies in 2007 by the General Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of China. Awards are presented annually to foreign and domestic organizations that make significant contributions to commerce in Taiwan.

Company spotlight

Unlocking the power of Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM Biotech International Corp.

(By David Silver)

16 April, 2007
Founded in 1998, TCM Biotech International Corp. (TCM) is focused on the research and development of Cordyceps cultures. TCM has mastered the fermentation technology for the only authentic Cordyceps sinensis, as recorded in the ancient Chinese text "Compendium of Materia Medica."

Company spotlight

Believing in botanical drugs: SunTen Phytotech

SunTen Phytotech Co., Ltd.

(By Ben Ferris)

24 February, 2005
As a 20-year veteran of Big Pharma, Dr. Chien Du-shieng, President and CEO of SunTen Phytotech Co., Ltd., is well versed in the central methodology of Western drug discovery; identifying single compounds that attack a single disease target. When asked about the time he first heard of botanical drugs, drugs that use a combination of botanical (plant-based) compounds that are notorious in their difficulty to scientifically quantify, he nods his head grimly.

"I was a skeptic."

Now, at the helm of SunTen Phytotech, a botanical drug discovery company, his attitude is belied by his contagious smile and unfailingly humble demeanor: He's a devout believer.

Company spotlight

IBM's life science center well placed to utilize local IT and biology strengths

IBM Life Science Center of Excellence

(By David Silver)

14 November, 2003
Spencer Wang, director of the Taiwan-based IBM Life Science Center of Excellence, is clear on the reasons why IBM chose the island for its new bioinformatics service and R&D center "Bioinformatics is blend of IT and biology. Taiwan has talent and experience in both of these disciplines, and has the environment we were looking for where bioinformatics can grow and be nurtured."

Company spotlight

GlaxoSmithKline executive says Taiwan and Singapore should work together


20 April, 2002
Andrew Witty, head of Asia-Pacific regional operations for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), sat down with BiotechEast to discuss a recent research tie-up between GSK and Taiwan's most prestigious public research institute, the Academia Sinica. He also talked about what GSK looks for in a research partner, the future of Chinese medicine in the era of genomics and how Taiwan and Singapore should work together in biotechnology in order to face down larger opponents like the United States.

Company spotlight

Banking on a vision: Biotech built on R&D

U-Vision Biotech Inc.

14 November, 2001
At U-Vision Biotech's headquarters outside of Taipei, a small group of researchers multi-task through contracted research work, developing micro-fabrication tools and searching for drug targets in Chinese herbal medicines. The group even publishes a monthly newsletter to keep people up on developments in Taiwan's biotech industry.

Company spotlight

Vita Genomics ready to mine genetic gold in Asia

Vita Genomics Inc.

10 August, 2001
When Chiang Kai-shek and his two-million strong Nationalist (KMT) army lost China's civil war in 1949, they retreated to the island of Taiwan, unwittingly creating the perfect environment for genetic research.

Company spotlight

Built to serve the Biotech Boom: ScinoPharm

ScinoPharm Taiwan, Ltd.

1 May, 2001
When ScinoPharm CEO Jo Shen and her colleague, Hardy Chan, first visited the site of their new company, they wondered about the Taiwan government's plan to develop the area into a science-based industrial park on a scale of the well-known success story in the north of Taiwan.



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