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BiotechEast - Taiwan and China biotechnology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Category: Main -> Site Questions:

·  Can I have my company's details featured on your website?
·  How can I use this website?
·  How do I search?

·  Can I have my company's details featured on your website?

We welcome all Taiwanese life science companies and international companies with branch offices in Taiwan to submit their details for inclusion on this site. There is no charge for posting basic company information. For non-Taiwanese companies, we also post links to biotech resource and portal websites on our 'Int'l biotech links' page. Send us an email with your link for consideration, and if it's suitable we'll list it.


·  How can I use this website?

Use this website to access up-to-date industry news and analysis, company information and profiles, upcoming events, and details of government, educational and private sector research institutes. In addition to biotech and pharmaceutical firms, the Companies section includes contact information and more for Chinese medicine companies, pharmaceutical trading companies, medical equipment suppliers and Taiwan's major biotechnology investors.


·  How do I search?

There are two ways of searching on this website. 'Article Search,' top right, allows you to search within our database of news articles, a collection of over 3 years worth of exclusive reports and linked articles, over 700 in total. The 'Info resources search' link in the Info Resources block on the left allows you to search the company and institute databases under location, company name, description, etc.




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