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Taiwan's biotech-focused Science Parks

Taiwan's science parks are part of a network of industrial parks set up over the years to provide a supportive environment for the manufacturing industry, catering particularly to export-based companies. These districts, some commissioned by the central government, others by local city and county councils, some even by large private industrial conglomerates, are situated away from existing residential areas but close enough to supply needed labor and associated infrastructure. full set of supportive industries, utilities, schools, etc.

Some parks were planned as (or have developed into) special purpose areas, such as Hsinchu Science Park, while others are general purpose industrial zones.

Incentives are usually available for potential tenants; favorable loan conditions, tax breaks, reduced charges on utilities, favorable rentals, pre-existing factory and waste management facilities, etc.

Science Parks

The government has encouraged life science companies to locate in the island's science parks, which have been designed especially for high-technology industries. There are currently two in operation; the Hsinchu Science Park and Southern Taiwan Science Park, with the Taichung Science Park still under development. Associated with these science parks are zones catering specifically for life science companies and Institutes, such as the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park.

Taiwan's science parks are set up and administered by a special division of the National Science Council (NSC).

Hsinchu Science Park (HSP) [Contact details]

(Inc. Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park, Chunan Base)

Taiwan's first (est. 1980) and most well-developed science park, the 1100-hectare Hsinchu Science Park (HSP) is home to many of the island's largest and most famous IT and semiconductor companies, including Taiwan Semiconductor, the world's largest made-to-order IC manufacturer. To the north and south of the park are two special biomedical zones.

To the north, the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park, still being developed, will be centered around the 600-bed National Taiwan University Medical Center. The hospital will house a cancer research and proton therapy center. The park will also house an incubation center, joint research centers, an information network center, and a biotechnology center.

To the south, the Chunan Base, currently occupied by the National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) and the Animal Technology Institute of Taiwan, is also attracting biotech startups.

It is expected these two bases will develop into true biotech clusters, reinforcing Hsinchu's position as a premier biotech hub.

The final stages of the park are expected to be completed between 2006 and 2007.

Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) [Contact details]

(Inc. Tainan Science Park, Luchu Science Park

With the success of the Hsinchu park, plans were made to extend Taiwan's high-tech development to the south of the island. The Southern Taiwan Science Park is the result of this planning, and is located between the southern cities of Tainan and Kaohsiung.

The first-stage Tainan Science Park started operations in 1996. Originally planned as an agricultural biotech center, its 1038-hectare location was chosen because of its proximity to agricultural research Institutes, including National Cheng Kung University, National Sun Yat-Sen University, the World Vegetable Center, Taiwan Livestock Research Institute, and the Tung Kang Marine Laboratory.

While such an agricultural emphasis is still hoped for, today the major industries in the park are the same as those in the Hsinchu park, namely IT and electronics companies. The most significant life science company with facilities in STSP is ScinoPharm Taiwan Co., Ltd. However, with vast land resources available, government incentives and location advantages on offer, the park will certainly play a major role in Taiwan's future biotechnology development.

As of late 2003, 116 companies had set up operations at the park, with 24 of them being biotech companies.

The second stage of the park, the Luchu Science Park, opened in 2001 on land provided by state-owned Taiwan Sugar. The 571-hectare park consists not only of industrial sites but also residential areas, public facilities and wildlife reserves.

Biotechnology Plaza, Nankang Software Park

Opened in 2003, the Biotechnology Plaza is part of the newly-developed Nankang Software Park, located east of Taipei. This park is home to many software development companies and other high-tech enterprises. Biotechnology Plaza is a 20-floor building with a total area of 72,600 square meters, and the first R&D-focused biotech center in Taiwan. This state-of-the-art facility is ideally situated near R&D resources and institutes such as Academia Sinica, the Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB) Hsichih facilities, and the many major medical centers in nearby Taipei City. In addition, leading research institutes such as Academia Sinica, the DCB and the National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) will have a presence in the park. Government institutes including the National Science Council and the Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industries Program (BPIPO) of the MOEA will also have administrative offices at this location.

Taiwan Orchid Plantation

Situated in a subtropical zone, Taiwan is the ideal location for orchid production and has developed internationally recognized production technologies in automation and mass cultivation. To further cement its position as a world leader in floriculture, the government is developing a plan to establish a orchid-focused science park, the Taiwan Orchid Plantation (TOP), to be located near the Southern Taiwan Science Park. The plantation is expected to be the recipient of up to NT$2.06 billion in investment by the year 2008. The plantation will consist of an administration center, a quarantine station and packing house, an exhibition hall, conference rooms, an energy resource center, and cultivation greenhouses. In addition, an ecological orchid park will be designed and included in the plantation to promote the orchid industry and doubling as a major recreation resource for the local community.

Other biotech-focused industrial areas

The Neihu District of east Taipei is the site of a newly-developed industrial area and home to many biotech companies.

Taiwan's pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, although spread across the island, is concentrated primarily in Tainan County's many industrial parks and to a lesser degree in the following areas: Taipei County, Taoyuan County, Hsinchu County, Taichung County, Nantou County, Chunghwa County and Kaohsiung County.



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