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Title of technology:
  Technology associated with the Warfarin Dose Prediction Kit
Date posted:
19 November, 2008
Medical devices
Technology associated with PharmiGene's Warfarin Dose Prediction Kit, a kit to determine the appropriate Warfarin dosage administration based on the presence of the VKORC1-1639 and CYP2C9 genes, the various SNP information of which can be detected using real-time PCR.
Warfarin (otherwise known by as the branded product Coumadin), is a commonly-prescribed anticoagulant used to prevent thrombus. However, the range of treatment dosage is narrow. Overdosage may cause serious bleeding while underdosage may result in untreated thrombus or embolism.

Research has shown that the individual's sensitivity to Warfarin is associated with the presence of the VKORC1-1639 and CYP2C9 genes. The US-FDA has undertaken Warfarin re-labeling to indicate the importance of the relationship between one's genetic background and Warfarin dosage, in particular the influence of the VKORC1-1639 SNP.

The Warfarin Dose Prediction Kit is based on real-time polymerase chain reaction technology with a completion time to detect the presence of VKORC1, and CYP2C9*2/3 of only three hours from whole blood sample to final result. The kit offers a quick, accurate, and easy way to assist with physician's critical drug administration decisions with the addition of pharmacogenomic information.

Such a pharmacogenomics-based diagnostics test is a world's first, and a milestone towards personalized medicine.

IP involved in this product includes the diagnostics methods, and the VKORC1-1639 SNP as well as Warfarin dose prediction. IP is also associated with the kit manufacturing and development processes.
Patent information:
US patents applied: Nos. 11/316,406, 11/757,860  
Taiwan patent applied: No. 94145510, 96119963
PCT patents applied: Nos. WO07143617, WO06069339
Development status:
Type of business
relationship sought:
Technology license out, product distributor in select international territories, strategy cooperation with pharmaceutical company.
Mr. Liou Yu-Ligh
Company or institute:
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