Nutraceuticals / Health food

Yungshin Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd.
No. 1191, Sec. 1, Chungshan Rd, Tachia, Taichung 43744, Taiwan

Generic drug company.

[From website] Manufactures and markets approximately 700 products, including human drugs, veterinary drugs, cosmeceutical products, health supplements, API, and fine chemicals. Human drugs and veterinary drugs cover 87% total business volume, followed by 9% and 4% for health supplements and the other products respectively.

Yusheng Biotech Co., Ltd.
No. 26, Keyuan Rd, Central Taiwan Science Park, Situn Dist, Taichung, Taiwan

Manufacturing of botanical extracts, nutritional supplements, on a service basis.

Services and available technologies include:
1. High-expansion and low-temperature vacuum concentration extraction technology and equipment
2. Separation and purification technology
3. Analyze pharmacological activity for anti-cancer natural material
4. Production of enteric, microparticles, and other special dosage forms
5. Fermentation and culture preservation technology
6. Probiotics fermentation and embedding technology

Sister company is Yusheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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