Lin BioScience licenses cancer drug candidate from the University of Sydney

Taipei, Taiwan-based drug development startup Lin BioScience, Inc., recently announced an exclusive licensing agreement with Australia’s University of Sydney for a microtubule-targeting agent to treat brain cancers. The drug candidate, now named LBS-002 in Lin BioScience’s pipeline, is a small molecule that disrupts the division of cancer cells by preventing the formation of microtubules within cells, structures responsible for the segregation of chromosomes during cell division.

“To date, treating primary glioblastomas and metastatic brain cancers has been challenging because the blood-brain barrier prevents effective drugs from reaching their targets,” reported Dr. Tom Lin, CEO of Lin Bioscience. “LBS-002’s ability to cross the blood-brain barrier enables it to overcome the permeability limitations experienced by traditional treatments, making it a promising therapeutic candidate. We’re excited to work with the expertise of Dr. Munoz, Dr. Kassiou and their teams at the University of Sydney to bring new cancer therapies to the clinic.”

Lin BioScience was formed in 2016 and has four drugs in its pipeline, all at the discovery or early preclinical stage of development; LBS-008 for Dry AMD; LBS-007 for Acute Leukemia; and LBS-002 and LBS-003 for oncology applications.

Read the press release here.

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