Mixed reality smart glasses for surgery assistance unveiled

March 6, 2017
Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry (III), National Chin-Yi University of Technology, ADE Technology, and A-SPINE Asia Co. Ltd. announced that they have jointly developed what they claim is the world’s first smart glasses medical surgery solution which make use of so-called ‘mixed reality’ technology.

The solution integrates 3D virtual images of anatomical structures with a wearable device to assist the surgeon during orthopedic surgery, potentially reducing errors decreasing surgery times.

National Chin-Yi University of Technology Professor Wang Ming-liang has conducted research from orthopedic surgery navigation with 3D skeletal Imaging algorithms, ADE is a smart glasses manufacturer, and A-SPINE specializes in positioning tools and implants for spinal surgery.

Professor Wang stated that because of the design and mixed reality technology with X-ray images and digital data displays in the glasses, the patients’ tissue can be seen through the smart glasses on the surgical platform with bone positions and instant capture integrated with the patients’ surgical data. During operations, real-time contrasting image data enables doctors to accurately pinpoint surgical knife locations.

These smart glasses have already been successfully demonstrated in hospital trials in Taiwan and have been utilized in more than 30 clinical cases.

Read the full article in the China Times

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