TimeBlock – Breakthrough Science-based ‘Elixir of Youth’ Proven To Reverse Biological Ageing Launches In Singapore

(Press release, Timeblock Asia)

14 February 2017 – For thousands of years, humans have been on a quest to combat the process of degenerative ageing and find the secret of eternal youth. Recent advances in scientific research now offer us hope that this dream may indeed become a reality. Enter TimeBlock, a wholly organic plant-extract based breakthrough formulation developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Germany that repairs human DNA and supports youthful cell regeneration.

TimeBlock is the first product in the world proven in human trials to reverse biological age significantly. Key ageing markers such as DNA damage, inflammation, telomere length and cell energy production were measured during the trial amongst 120 participants at Vienna University. At the end of the trial, results showed an astounding 23% reversal in biological age of participants within 6 months.

Professor Alexander Haslberger, Head of Biotechnology, Microbiology, Genetics at the University of Vienna, was the lead researcher behind this study. His peer-reviewed paper on this ground-breaking study will soon be published in medical journals in March 2017.

Professor Alexander Haslberger, University of Vienna, commented, “Through the ground-breaking study, we have achieved significant advancement in the measurement and reversal of biological ageing in humans. The remarkable results have shown that it is possible to alter the aging process by changing the epigenome, suggesting that by targeting telomeres that affect human ageing, we are able to progress in DNA regeneration and manipulate biological ageing markers”. Prof Haslberger will be presenting his findings to the medical community in Singapore on the 18th February, 2017.

TimeBlock slows down the ageing process right where the process begins — in your DNA. The anti-ageing health benefits of TimeBlock include minimising the biological ageing process, supporting the cell repair process, vitalising the cells, protecting against oxidative stress, supporting the immune system, helping to minimise tiredness and fatigue, helping to minimise muscle and joint pain.

TimeBlock is made up of concentrated natural plant-derived extracts such as green tea, wheatgrass, tomatoes, brown algae, grape seeds and shitake mushrooms, selectively sourced from all over the world, with Swiss-technology harvesting processes that ensures optimal herbal nutrient efficacy. TimeBlock integrates herbal ingredients that have been specially cultivated under organic conditions at extreme elevations of over 1,500m. It also includes anti-ageing nutrients such as coenzyme Q10, vitamin D3, vitamin C, vitamin B1, thiamine, vitamin B2, vitamin PP niacin, vitamin B5, pantothenic acid, vitamin B7, vitamin K, vitamin B12, selenium, zinc and magnesium.

Telomeres work like an inbuilt clock inside every cell, which shows the variable length of life expectancy. Each time a cell divides, they get a little shorter, and after around 50 cell divisions the cell eventually dies. The length of telomeres is an indicator of the ageing process. The enzyme telomerase protects against the continuous shortening by lengthening the telomeres and slowing down the biological ageing process. The plant-derived compounds in TimeBlock have a positive impact on telomerase.

TimeBlock retails at S$430 (2-month package), S$1,290 (6-month package) and S$2,580 (12-month package). Currently, there is an introductory promotion going at S$402, S$1,144 and S$2,168 for 2-month, 6-month and 12-month package respectively. Promotion is valid till 31 March 2017.

They are available for purchase online at http://www.quantumlifetech.com/product-category/supplements/timeblock/

For more information, visit http://timeblock.asia/


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